A Little Background

I guess it’s inportnat at this stage to provide a little background information on me.

I am 30, and live in the UK. I come from what would be labelled a ‘broken home’ in that my parents are divorced. However in this day and age I think that’s now more the norm than the exception and certainly not something that ever held me back.

A few years after the sepertion of my parents my dad, who for the purposes of this blog will be called Neil, moved abroad. Now 15 years on from this I am able to reflect on this as a moment in my life where i realised that you have to keep fighting – always!

For the last 5 years, with my best friend, Judd, I have run a business, which is now looking after not just the two of us, but also our 16 other full time staff.

My family is not a large one, but, with a few exceptions, are very close. I have my mums (Katy) family, of 2 sisters and numerous cousins, and whatever you call cousins children. Then on my Dads side there are 2 sisters, and one brother.


I am single, and I have been single for a long time. Bar one long term and for the most part long distance relationship that has been my adult life since I left University. Maybe more focussed on career and pogression, sometime on supporting others, but i have woken up and am 30 years old!

I do however have 2 cats, and live in a house with a large garden, and am, and it does sound like a soundbite, but am settled, happy, and, and I suppose this is the most important thing, ready to be a Dad!

Having founnd no support for single Dads, and after some encouragement from several quarters, please join me on what is without a doubt the most nerveracking, exciting, scary and (hopefully) fulfilling journey I (and you) will ever go on.

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