Pre-assesment assesment

So youve made the phone call, youve taken the big step – well almost!

The next step was for a social worker, im going to call her Ash, to come and visit me at home.

Ash arrived promptly, and throwing me totally off stride refused a drink. Gone was my opportunity to wow with my tea making skills.

We spoke for about 2 hours. Sommetimes the samequestions were being asked in slightly different ways:-

‘do you own the house’

‘would you be better off waiting until you owned the house’

‘do you plan to move’

‘do you have seciurity in your tennancy’

‘would you have more security if you owned the home’

and obviously a lot of questions in regards to being a single adoptor. Why now, why not wait, why aren’t you in a relationship, why did you last relationship end, what if you meet someone, wouldn’t you rather wait and meet someone to name but a few.I guess that this is just making sure that you are the right person to adopt, and that asoption is the right thing for you. There was then a lot of talk about support network, and this is something I would advise preparing some thought over in advance. Who would be there in the middle of the night? Who can you ask that stuid question too? Who can you call if you just need a break for an hour / evening etc?

As I discussed in the about me post I am lucky to have not only a sizeable, but also a very supportive family. Family who have children of similar ages, a child with SENs and a mum who has worked most of her working life with looked after children. However, I have a much smaller, allbeit tight, friendship group. Of those only one has a child, so my experience, and also my safety net in that area is more limited somewhat.


The conversation also went into a lot more detail in regards to thhe next steps, the expectations, and also some time frames – this just got very real! There is a lot of opportunity for questions, to go over things again, and also to get a lot of one on one time with the social worker. Whilst obviously they are also observing you, there arre certainly no points lost for asking questions, if anything its points gained for questioning and gaining understanding.

There was a brief tour of the house,although that was not the purpose of the visit, some helpful hints and tips, for when the main inspection will happen are priceless and have really allowed me to get a head start. Things like moving the glasses to a higher cupboard, the cats being fed somwhere less accessible for little hands and mouths and gettiing some of the safety equipment (like plug protectors) in advance of the safety visit. Writing this I have not yet had the safety visit so I may be jumping the gun slightly on thinking it has definately helped 🙂

I was left with a form to fill in to confirm interest and a DBS form. Its a good idea to get your passport and driving license out and ready for this as you will need them for the DBS and any previous addresses for 3 years – complete with post codes! If you have got anything that may flag on the DBS be open and honest. If its not violence, sexual, or involving children, the chances are that you will be fine! However if you try and hide it the chances are that it won’t be.


On writing this I have sent back my form – and so have started in stage 1! The clock has started ticking 🙂

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